Anatolian eagle 2016

We make it again to Turkey. For Anatolian eagle exercise at Konya. Despite the many clouds, low temperatures. During this exercise. The pictures turn out quite sunny. With some patience during the 3 days on base. Participants for this exercise are. Turkey , Pakistan, Saudi Arabia, Netherlands, Nato and Italy. 

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On wednesday. first day on base. The day start very cloudy. But in the afternoon the clouds making space for some sun. There was not really a exercise planned this day. it was a non anatolian eagle day. Lucky some training flights where made during the day. Only no F-4 phantoms and Saudi tornado on this day. But we had still 2 days to go. Maybe the other next 2 days. Highlights on this day. Where the Local UH-1H and the KC-135R. 

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Some more from this day.

On Thursday, second day on base. Same like wednesday. Not realy the weather you expect at turkey. only a temperature of 16°C. very cloudy and a very strong wind from the east. What it makes much colder. But like the day before. The clouds make some space for some sun in the afternoon. On this day, there was only a exercise planned in the morning. And yes 4 F-4 join the mission. But still no saudi tornado’s.  

In the afternoon all the turkey participants left home. 

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Also the Italians left Thursday afternoon.

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And some others that afternoon.

Friday Last day.  But finally a sunny morning . Hoping the saudi Tornodo’s want to leave in the morning. Because we had to leave the field around noon . We saw the Pakistan f-16 already leaving at 7h. When standing at the security check at the main entrance of the base . So only the Saudi’s where there. And yes, when arrived on the field. We saw the Saudi’s already with open canopy’s. They departed home 1h later. Many happy faces around that time.

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1h houre after they departed a nice surprise arrived in the form of a KE-3A.

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In the morning also the Nato and the Netherlands left the field.

This nice cougar from the turkish air force make some nice approaches during the morning.

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And also some nice transport was seen during the morning

Would like to thank the Turkish Air Force Public Affairs team for their help and support.  

To make it again a nice event. 

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